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Warm Peet

November 2022


Hi and Happy Fall from Warm Peet!

It has been sometime since we were in the Chicago area. We are imagining how beautiful the fall views of Millennium Park must be. The views are always phenomenal, but they are definitely second to the friends we've made during our visits!

The first time we heard about Nordson Green Earth and its mission, from founder Christine Diploma, we knew Warm Peet would have to support the efforts in some way. We truly believe Nordson’s strategy and plan to solve the issue of tree inequity is spot on and greatly admire Christine and her team for their efforts in and around the Chicago area. As nature lovers, campers, hikers, and backpackers, we have personally seen how trees support the environment and know how they support us in various ways. From providing cooling and protection of their surroundings, food and cover for wildlife, cleaning of the air we breathe, as well as just relieving mental stress by just witnessing their beauty - as they change colors in the fall, bear snow in the winter, or come to life in spring. Trees are critical to our everyday existence.

Warm Peet is committed to helping others and the planet. We are also committed to offering a product that is on par with the other popular adventure socks. We have done this all the while being conscious in our business practices to reduce waste. Every item you receive from us can be used, re-used, or recycled. We have eliminated unnecessary plastic connectors and cardboard packaging. We even give you the choice to limit packaging. In one year we have given back over $10,000 to non-profits in monetary and product donations. Some has gone to Nordson Green Earth and we are striving to meet or exceed that in our second year.

The socks are high content Merino wool giving them the comfort and properties to keep your Peet dry in the summer and warm in the winter. With the cushioned heel and toe and the form fitting arch, we believe they fit just right and make any shoe feel more comfortable throughout the day.

As supporters and followers of Nordson Green Earth, we would like to offer you a discount code to receive 20% off any online purchase at The code is NORDSON22.100% of the profits tied to this code will be returned to Nordson Green Earth.  We hope you will enjoy our socks as much as we do. We hope they encourage you to get outside and help you feel restored and energized. We hope you will share them with the ones you love and encourage them to do the same.

Best wishes to each of you during the remainder of 2022 and beyond. Thank you for your support of our friends at Nordson Green Earth.  Stay Healthy and Warm!

 -The Warm Peet Team

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