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About Us

Faced with the triple threat of climate change, systemic inequities, and a global pandemic, we decided the best way we could make material change was to establish tiny native forests.



To support Chicagoland communities in increasing their tree and greenspace equity -- because all communities deserve trees and the health, climate and social benefits they provide.

We use the Miyawaki method of tree planting to bring the benefits of forests to more communities. Our goal is to improve tree equity as defined by American Forests.

Everyone deserves trees and the health, climate and social benefits they provide.

People are most motivated to combat climate change when it directly impacts them on a personal level. 

Lack of tree canopy has direct impact on people and communities, particularly those most vulnerable and historically disadvantaged.

Covid-19 exposed vulnerabilities and reminded us of our connection with each other and the outdoors. 

The addition of a forest creates definable change that can be experienced by all five senses. 

This definable change, with short and long term benefits, can motivate people by fostering hope of a foreseeably better future.


⁣In 1996, Nordy Diploma, a lawyer and native son of Victorias City, province of Negros Occidental in the Philippines, converted an old sugar cane plantation into a thriving 200+ acre, man-made forest, now known as Nordson forest. Many trees within the forest are already more than 100 feet tall.  Nordson Forest currently provides the surrounding communities with a sustainable tree canopy that has provided jobs and agriculture to local impoverished communties. Mr. Diploma has also built lofted residences within the forest to provide social housing.  

Additionally, land near the forest is dedicated to a STEM school that is researching environmental practices such as the Miyawaki method of native tree planting in order to bring the benefits of forests to more communities.


Nordson Forest Park grew out of what some deemed a crazy idea - planting a forest on an old sugar plantation from which no income would initially be derived. The forest is now home to a tree nursery, nature trails, a research center and an award winning,  science high school. Additionally, home sites have been developed for formerly marginalized and impoverished communities. 

Nordson Loop Trail, an easy 1.6 mile loop, is listed as the #4 top trail in all of the Philippines on

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