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Markham Forest Participatory Scientists

Help us nurture our first tiny native forest!       


Wide views of the whole forest, close-ups of plants, anything you think is interesting!


Note the moisture of the mulch on top and the soil beneath. Is it dry or moist?


Place flags by plants that need attention (wilting, yellow leaves, no leaves)


Keep an eye out for any butterflies, birds, bugs, or anything else crawling or flying around.


Answer a few quick questions about the conditions and what you saw during your visit

We planted our first tiny forest in May 2022. Join us as a participatory scientist! We need you to help us care for and nurture this forest and to provide observations as it grows. Help us document how this little forest is changing your community using all of your senses!

We need 1-2 volunteers per week (mostly between April-November) to monitor the progress of the forest. Some ways to help include taking pictures, noting the critters you see (butterflies, birds, bugs), flagging plants that need attention, and checking the soil moisture. After your visit, take a few minutes to fill out this form (we recommend looking at the form before you go.) We'd also love for you to write a blog post about what you saw - and become a published writer! Note - we might make some slight edits :)

Please see the schedule below and let us know when you can come out to the Markham Courthouse at 16501 Kedzie Ave, Markham, IL 60428. We recommend going during building hours.


Email us with any questions - we're here to help.


Thank you!


We've been using the Seek App to identify weeds - download the free app here!


Become a published writer!

Share thoughts about your experience for our blog

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