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Participation in Community Events

From Forest Bathing to tabling at local events to meeting with the Chicago City Council, we're spreading our roots far and wide in the Chicagoland area to increase tree equity in the region.


Forest Bathing

 Forest Bathing, also known as Forest Therapy, is inspired by the Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku and supports health, wholeness, and wellbeing through guided immersion in forests and other natural environments. 


The Microsoft EcoPod is a retrofitted, solar powered trailer that acts as environmental pop-up lab designed to engage communities with local environmental data and expertise for climate awareness and resilience. 


Hosting Tables at Patagonia

We were fortunate to be able to table at various local Patagonia stores to share information about tree equity, the Miyawaki Method, and our work in Chicago.

Community Meetings

We seek to engage the communities in which we work at every step of our process. We have attended city council meetings and met with city officials to discuss tree equity and our mission.

The Chicago Community Healing Project

Christine Diploma, CEO, and Dr. Sheetal Khedkar Rao, CHO, were guests on the Chicago Community Healing Project Podcast on Feb. 28, 2022 to talk about tree equity, Miyawaki forests, and community health outcomes associated with tree canopy in historically redlined neighborhoods. 


Local Events and Festivals

We love to engage with community members! We've attended local festivals such as the Fall Nature Fest in LaBagh Woods, Earth Day celebrations, and Green City Day at the DuSable Museum.

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