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Nikhil Raichand

Junior Board Member

Nikhil Raichand is a student at Hinsdale Central High School. He is a member of the Nordson Green Earth Foundation’s Junior Board and has spent his first year with the organization by getting to know the mission of NGEF. He has participated in community events and assisted in the Markham planting. Nikhil is interested in finding creative solutions to help fight climate change and is concerned about the impact of global warming on our communities and future generations.

Nikhil has interests in science, technology, music, tennis and soccer. He has traveled throughout North and South America and visited many National Parks. He has been inspired to help plant Miyawaki Forests in our communities by the lush green landscapes of these parks. He has great memories of hiking and spending time with his family under beautiful tree canopies. He looks forward to continuing to help plant mini forests and fight climate change with the Nordson Green Earth Foundation.

Nikhil Raichand

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