John Patras

Director, Junior Advisory Board

John Patras is a high school senior at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools (Lab). He hopes to attend an institution of higher education next year to major in biomedical engineering and a minor in Chinese/East Asian Studies, perhaps. During his time in high school, John worked as a volunteer translator for the Midwest Asian Health Association to assist in registering people to receive COVID-19 vaccines. In addition, he is a co-leader of the water pollution awareness club at Lab and collaborates with local communities to spread awareness and resources. Beyond his aforementioned commitments, John is also the captain of the varsity squash team, a student mentor to incoming freshman, and, before COVID-19, a strong member of the Model UN team. In his spare time, John enjoys learning and conversing in Chinese and Greek, playing with his dog, surfing when he can, and spending time with his family.