Nordson Green Earth Foundation strives to improve tree equity by establishing tiny native forests in the Chicagoland area--because all communities deserve trees and the health, climate and social benefits they provide.

Forest Road

Trees are Infrastructure

Healthy Trees Affect: 

  • Temperature (Heat Island Effect)
  • Pollution
  • Flooding
  • Utility Costs
  • Real Estate Values
  • Crime & Violence
  • Mental Health
  • Learning, Memory and Attention
  • Physical Health

Nordson Green Earth Foundation was founded in 2021 to improve tree equity in Chicago. 

The goal of Nordson Green Earth Foundation is to bring tree equity to communities that have historically been deprived of natural tree canopies. Our goal is improve tree equity as defined by American Forests.


Nordson Green Earth Foundation grew out of the vision of one man, attorney Nordson (Nordy) Diploma, who returned an old sugar plantation in Occidental Negros, Philippines to its original thick, forested state that is now known as Nordson Forest. Nordy's love for Mother Earth returned nature to a natural, sustainable state that has become the inspiration for the Nordson Green Earth Foundation.


Donations will be used for land and tree purchases to create tiny forests within urban areas. Donations will also fund maintenance of these forests, soil and site preparation, and ongoing support of the foundation. 

Volunteers are needed to help plant and maintain urban tiny forests. 

Get Involved

How can you become involved with Nordson Green Earth Foundation?

  • Make a monetary donation

  • Donate trees 

  • Volunteer

  • Provide forestry expertise

  • Become a community partner

  • Join our Team