Why We Started

  • People are most motivated to combat climate change when it directly impacts them on a personal level. 

  • The loss of tree canopy has direct impact on people and communities.

  • The addition of a forest creates definable change that can be experienced by all five senses. 

  • A change with several short-term (and long-term) benefits gets people motivated by fostering hope of a foreseeably better future.

  • Covid-19 exposed vulnerabilities and reminded us of our connection with each other and the outdoors. 

Forest Trail

Tree Equity

The fairness and justice that occurs when every neighborhood has enough trees so that every person can reap the benefits that trees have to offer. 

Tree Equity = Climate Justice 

"Our cities are not like tropical rainforests that developed on their own...People designed cities. And, unfortunately, they did not factor in the needs of everybody when doing so. The design process was far from inclusive."

-Sarah Lillie Anderson, American Forests Senior Manager for Tree Equity


Let's Work Together!

"The health inequities that exist are not accidents. They are created by people." 

- Linda Rae Murray,

Retired Chief Medical Officer of Cook County Department of Public Health

The solution, therefore, must be deliberate:



Community Support